Safety Data Sheets (M)SDS

A safety data sheet or (M)SDS is a document that must accompany chemicals for professional use. The safety data sheet is required by the EU regulation REACH and must contain the following information:
­· Identification of the substance/the chemical product and of the company
· Hazard identification
· Composition of/information on ingredients
· First aid measures
· Fire fighting
· Precautions against accidental release
· Handling and storage
· Exposure controls/personal protection
· physical and chemical properties
· Stability and reactivity
· Toxicological information
· Environmental information
· Disposal considerations
· Transport information
· Regulatory information
· Other information
Anyone who supply chemicals for professional use must let the chemical be followed by a safety data sheet if the chemical contains classification required substances. Structure of the safety data sheets are described in REACH Article 31 and in the same regulation Annex II. A safety data sheet consists of the 16 points mentioned above.
Science Labs Danmark always delivers safety data sheets for all chemicals sold. It is also possible to buy safety data sheets by writing to our safety department. Our safety data sheets are updated regularly so that you are sure to always have the latest version of the safety data sheet when buying chemicals through us.
The requirement for safety data sheets does not apply to a variety of products that have other uses, for example pharmaceuticals, animal food, radioactive substances, waste and cosmetics.

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